Asus Lyra Trio With Alexa Support Release May 1

Asus announced their newest multi-hub mesh Wi-Fi system at CES on January 8th this year, and now the Asus Lyra Trio are finally ready for launch on May 1: https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-Lyra-Trio-Home-System/dp/B07C4CM65G/

This includes 3 of these Wi-Fi range extenders that also has support for Amazon Alexa, so that not only will users with very large homes or some tricky corners of the home also get great Wi-Fi cover, but Alexa can pick up voice commands from new places too, including the garage, outhouse, or deep in a basement.

Asus Lyre Tria features 3×3 MIMO so that the additional spatial stream improves bandwidthcapcity when more devices are connected at the same time. Which of the 3 nodes you will be connected to is determined by what node has the strongest signal right where you are with your tablet or other device.

Asus says that the setup has been developed with a focus on being easy to use, which is good news for people I think, but it still has various advanced features should you want it, including features like parental control with remote network manager, and automatic security updates.

– Tom Bowen