Asus Adol Pad PC3 China Aerospace Edition (10 CS) Launch In October

Asus has the bragging rights of being one of the computer brands used on some of the international space missions, where some of the same Asus laptops have been used for 2 years in a row. To celebrate all of this, Asus will launch a China Aerospace edition tablet in the 2nd week of October.

The tablet is called the Asus Adol Pad PC3 China Aerospace edition (10 CS), but it's really nothing more mysterious than a 10.4-inch Android 11 tablet with optional keyboard.

Asus' space tablet will be priced at around $260 when it launches in China next month.

Asus Adol Pad PC3 China Aerospace Edition (10 CS)

Power comes from a Unisoc T618 processor, with 8GB RAM, and 128GB storage, while the 10.4-inch screen features a Full HD 2000 x 1200 resolution display.

Not bad at all for a midrange tablet. It even features a 16MP rear camera, and a 5MP front camera.

The rest of the specs are more down to earth, with Wi-Fi 5, BT 5.0, a 8000 mAh battery with a 12.5 hour battery life, USB C 2.0 ports, with a weight of 480 grams and thickness of 7.2mm.

This tablet could become something of a collectors item, as it will ship with some space mission themed vacuum packaging as extras.

You can also dock this space tablet into an optional keyboard that will launch later, with a price that shouldn't be astronomical.

Asus space tablet

Asus AdolPad PC3 China Aerospace Edition (10 CS)

– Jim Miller