Astropad Studio For Windows Launches – iPad-Windows Mirroring

Astro HQ has just said that they’re launching the iPad drawing tool
Astropad Studio for Windows tablets and other Windows computers today.

Astropad Studio is an iPad app that lets iPad users mirror their drawing app such as Adobe, Affinity, Clip Studio, and Kritaonto onto their iPad.

In terms of drawing features, it has custom pressure curves, pressure smoothing, lots of custom shortcuts and gestures to make the drawing process go faster.

Speaking of fast, the latency isn’t too bad either with a 16ms latency.

Up until now, the app had only been available for Macs. So the Windows compatible Astropad Studio 5.0 that launches today also has a 30 day free trial for new users who may be unfamiliar with this app.

– Tom Bowen

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