Apple To Ditch Intel Processors In Macs From 2020 – Apple Move To Even Deeper Integration Between Apple Devices

Ian King and Mark Gurman have worked on a joint report in Bloomberg where they have put forward claims from Apple insiders that Apple will ditch Intel processors and chipsets in their Macs starting in 2020, and that Apple's move even has a project name being “Project Kalamata.”

What's equally interesting is not just that Apple will start making their own chipsets for Macs, but that this is all a part of a larger strategy to make Mac computers, iPad tablets, and iPhone smartphones work more fluently together. As Gurman notes, the progress is believed to happen step by step, and not all at once. Building a new (more) unified software platform goes under the name “Project Marzipan” at Apple.

The step seems completely natural when we look at how hardware, software, and services all need to be streamlined towards a unified direction. And with these moves, Apple demonstrates that they have a good understanding of computers, software, and services, all at the same time.

And not only will it enable Apple to improve the security of their products in light of the Intel security scandals that have been revealed this year, but it can both speed up the launch of the newest technologies as well as lead to better utilization and deeper integration of chipsets for Apple's original purposes, starting in 2020.

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– Jim Miller