Apple Experimenting With 9-Inch Foldables – But Not Expected Before 2025

While the foldable smartphone market keeps growing and major brands like Samsung have had time to launch several models already, Apple is still absent from the foldable market.

But plans for foldable Apple devices, whether in the form of an iPad or an iPhone had been rumored for 2024 at the earliest.

Today the respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo updated his expectations and said that any potential launch date for a foldable device is 2025 at the earliest.


He also shared that Apple is actually testing and experimenting with a 9-inch foldable at the moment featuring an OLED display.

Not only that, but he thinks the priority of any potential Apple foldable is a medium sized iPad-iPhone hybrid first, then a large one, and finally a small foldable.

So for now, if you really want the many benefits of a foldable, then Samsung's foldables are still poised to remain the leaders for at least another 3 years.

– Tom Bowen