Apple testing 13-Inch Tablets

It’s been revelead through Apple’s suppliers, that Apple is testing larger screens for tablets and phones.

Apple’s suppliers have asked for prototype tablet screens, that measure just below 13 inches in diameter. 13.3 inches is a size that a few tablet computer manufacturers have tinkered with, such as Lenovo with the Lenovo Yoga or Archos with the FamilyPad 2. The original iPad measures 9.7 inches with the iPad mini at 7.9 inches, while the current Mac Air comes in 11-inch and 13-inch configurations.

Mac Air 2013

Does this point to a new generation of superthin 13-inch Mac’s with a Microsoft Surface like keyboard?
The current Mac Air is already slim, but it have the potential to slim down more.

Apple adding a line of iOS Mac convertible tablets/laptops? At the moment Apple is merely at the testing stage, but it’s an interesting thought. And tablet hybrids of different types and sizes have been popping up in all kinds of forms in 2013, so who can predict?

12.9-Inch Apple iPad Pro Launching In First Quarters Of 2015 (August 26, 2014)

– Tom Bowen

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