Apple Still Ahead Of Samsung In Tablet Sales, With Huawei And Lenovo Behind Them

As the first quarter earnings have been made public the last few weeks, so has a few tablet shipment figures from various agencies.

And the latest tablet figures today is the top 5 tablet brand shipments as measured by International Data Corporation (IDC). IDC have done a preliminary survey on the largest tablet sales figures and detachable 2-in-1's for Q1 2018, which indicates that Apple is the leading brand with a 28.8% market share, Samsung down but still in 2nd place with a 16.7% market share, Huawei significantly up as expected with a 10% market share, Lenovo slightly up with a 6.6% market share, with Amazon down almost 50% since last year with a 3.5% market share in the first quarter.

Things are expected to continue mostly along this trend in the second quarter too, because Huawei is pushing out new and very good tablets in all segments, at least on Android, while Samsung have pulled back from this strategy at the moment.

3 years ago, Samsung launched at least one new model in every tablet category throughout the year, so it's natural that Samsung's market shares are falling since they are much less aggressive in taking over the market nowadays. Meanwhile Huawei is now doing what Samsung was doing years ago, while also pushing out to new corners of the world at the same time.

An interesting aspect of the IDC report is that 20% of iPads sold are iPad Pro tablets in the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch category.

But to shake up things in this quarter and the next are the Chromebook tablets and the new Windows on ARM tablets that are just now entering the market.

– Tom Bowen