Apple Rumored To Launch iPad Dock With Speakers

Lenovo has been doing it for five years, Google announced last year that they will do it this year, and now Apple is rumored to catch the same trend, launch a tablet dock with a speaker.

The rumor seems to come from Mark Gurman, who is quoted on MacRumors saying that he has hear that while Apple has already been rumored to launch a Echo Show type of smart home home hub this year, they are also rumored to work on a separate tablet dock for iPad, which should of course contain a larger speaker.

The rumor doesn't say anything about what iPad might be compatible with this dock though, nor what the specs might be.

Sony actually launched a combined iPad/iPod/iPhone speaker system over 11 years ago called Sony RDPX200I where you could dock the iPad into the speaker, but that was solely a speaker and charger system.

Lenovo is the only company that's consistently been launching tablet docks for years, seen in the photo here. These tablet docks have had a few different designs too over the years, from cylindrical to rectangular, and have been equipped with varying combinations of a louder speaker or stereo speakers with proper bass, some extra sets of mics, a power/charger feature, support for digital assistants such as Alexa or Google, and of course a quick docking stand for the tablet.

Lenovo has sold bundles with a tablet and smart docks with speakers for as little as $199 for a while, but obviously Apple is not going to launch a combo like that for $199.

But it will be fun to see if Apple can bring something new to this area, since there's a lot of opportunities with a tablet dock as a tablet accessory.

This could bring Samsung back in this game again too, since they announced early in 2022 that they would launch the tablet styled Home Hub, but never did.

– Tom Bowen