Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Now Expected In Q3 2020

Trying to figure out the launch date of the next iPad Pros have proven difficult in 2019, which is unfortunate for potential buyers too since few people will buy a new iPad if they believe the current model is about to be replaced soon.

Now it seems that at least the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 won’t launch before Q3 2020, which seems a long time away. But at least the current iPad Pro 11 and 12.9-inch are both so powerful that at least power and speed shouldn’t be an issue until then anyway.

An judging by today’s leaks in MacRumors, neither should power and speed present a problem for the next iPad Pro 12.9 2020 either, as it’s now believed by famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that this iPad Pro will be powered by a Apple A14X chipset.

And as we’ve covered before, this iPad Pro 12.9 is also believed to be among the first iPads to utilize the new mini-LED display technology.

As good as tablet displays have been the last 7 years on the majority of tablets, they still have room for improvement, whether it’s even higher resolution, better color adaptiveness, higher refresh rates, or higher energy efficiency, since displays consume a lot of battery on tablets.

An increased use of sensors on the screen can also add features. So we still have a long way to go with displays in the world of computer tablets.

– Tom Bowen

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