Apple iPad mini 6 Benchmark Scores Are In And Highest Among 8-Inch Tablets

The 2021 iPad mini 6 benchmark scores are in and makes for some interesting reading before any buying decisions are made.

Apple iPad mini 6 has averaged single-core benchmark scores between 1587 and 1596 in Geekbench 5, and multi-core scores between 4404 and 4558.

For comparison, the already powerful iPad mini 5 typically scored an average single-core score of 1115, and multi-core score of 2700. So that’s a significant performance jump upwards from the 2.49 GHz Apple A12 Bionic in the iPad mini 5, to the 2.93 GHz Apple A15 Bionic processor in the iPad mini 6.

iPad mini 6 benchmark score

The processor appears to run at a slightly lower frequency in the iPad mini 6 than it runs in the iPhone 13 with the A15 Bionic, but we’ll have to wait until after the launch to find out why, once it’s been possible to take a look at the details of the components.

Of course the chipset could simply just be downclocked by Apple, and there have been iOS apps from time to time that have disabled Apple’s underclocking of iPads. But needless to say, Apple have not been very happy about those apps, and they usually get removed from the app store.

Another Apple iPad mini 6 benchmark was also ran in Geekbench 4, where it scored 7106 in single-core and 18595 in multi-core scores, which is good in itself, and even more so for a tablet PC in the 8-inch range.

Apple iPad mini 6 benchmarks 2021

– Tom Bowen

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