Apple iPad 9th Gen. Gets Record Low Black Friday Price Of $229 – The Cheapest iPad In History

Apple Store has just joined in on the Black Friday tablet deals at a whole new level after they slashed the price of the Apple iPad 9 to a new record low price of $229 for Black Friday Week: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09G9CJM1Z

The previous sales price record was $249, while the regular sales price was $279. All of which have been good prices for a tablet that originally launched for $329.

But even more so when we consider that the 10.2-inch iPad 9 is the 8th successor to the original first iPad that launched for $499 in 2010, and it sure didn't have as high level of specs then as the iPad has now.

Apple iPad 9 Best Black Friday Record Low Price

Now the iPad 9 has both keyboard support and digitizer pen support for a few different pens, ranging from Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon, to cheaper third party pens.

And not only that, but if we compare the benchmark scores of the present iPad 9 things get even more interesting. In Geekbench 6 which measures processor performance, the Apple iPad 9th generation while running iOS 17, achieves a single-core benchmark score of over 1760 and multi-core score of over 4150.

If we compare that to the performance of an Intel Core i5 processor laptop from the same time, like this one from HP, they achieve the same single-core scores.

So personally I think the performance is good when considering the price, since this iPad is now so cheap it competes against mid-range Android tablets.

Main specs includes a 2160 x 1620 resolution screen, a 12MP front camera with Center Stage and an 8MP rear camera, Wi-Fi Facetime, stereo speakers, dual mics, fingerprint reader, dual-band Wi-Fi 5, BT 4.2, tablet sensors like three‐axis gyro, digital compass, accelerometer, barometer, ambient light sensor, and a 3.5mm audio jack and a Lighting port with a USB-C cable and 20W power adapter.

Black Friday iPad Deals
Optional keyboard for the iPad

– Tom Bowen