Apple Experimenting With 20.25 Inch Foldable

The biggest computer news this week was that Apple has started planning a 20-inch foldable tablet for possible launch in the 2026-27 timeframe as reported by The Elec

The news came at the same time that the foldable 17.3-inch Windows laptop tablet Asus Zenbook 17 Fold OLED launched for $3499 in the US.

The source of the information for a large foldable computer from Apple are the supply chain who noticed that Apple was sourcing components for a foldable prototype with a screen size of 20.25 inches, featuring flexible OLED display technology.

Durability test of large folding OLED
Durability testing demo of large folding OLED

Samsung, Lenovo, and even Microsoft and other brands already have some form of foldable or dual screen device, but Apple is not expected to launch any kind of foldable device before 2025, when we might see a 9-inch foldable that could be some form of iPhone – iPad hybrid.

– Tom Bowen