Apple AirPods Pro October Unveiling Rumored – iPad Pro Updates Too?

According to a new story in China Economic Daily earier today, Apple will unveil their new AirPods now in October.

The rumor has it that they will be named Apple AirPods Pro and that the price of these is expected to be somewhere between $249 and $299.

These AirPods Pro are the once that are expected to feature noise-cancelling too, which will drive up the cost.

Beyond todays report though, it must be said that the current AirPods have been met with a lot of criticism from customers who otherwise rave about Apple products, with the complaints ranging from the physical design that makes them fall out of the ears too easily when on the move, to problems with the charging, sound quality, and connectivity.

So improvements are generally needed for new Airpods. At the same time both Microsoft and Google have announced upcoming new earbuds of their own with new controller functions, so the competition is heating up too.

If new AirPods are launched now in October, an October event could mean the unveiling of the new iPad Pros too, as the most insightful Apple followers are currently split between believing in an October launch and a Q1 2020 launch for the new iPad Pros.

Last year Apple hosted their iPad Pro event on October 30. And even even Microsoft won't release their new Surface Pro 7 before October 30, and the new Surface Pro X even later on November 5, which tells us something about how corporations are timing the holiday season this year.

So far in 2019 Apple have already launched the new Apple iPad Air 10.5, iPad mini 5, and Apple iPad 10.2.

– Tom Bowen