Android 13 Updates Rolled Out To Nokia T10 And T20 Tablets

Two of Nokia's tablets have recently been updated from Android 12 to Android 13, with these being the 8-inch and 10-inch tablets Nokia T10 and Nokia T20.

The last Nokia tablet that was launched, the Nokia T21 will be updated to Android 13 later.

Both Android 13 updates also came with the July security updates.

The Android 13 update for Nokia T20 started to roll out this week only, so it will take some time before the latest OS has been sent out to every market.

The first updates seem to have commenced in India at the start of the week, but then also began to roll out in the UK yesterday, where it's currently being discussed in the Nokia user forum.

Nokia T20 was launched in October 2021, and similar to the Nokia T10, it is on sale at the moment for $149.

– Tom Bowen