Amazon Unveils Echo Show Mode Dock Transformers For Fire HD 8 And Fire HD 10 Tablets – Launch July 12

Amazon unveiled their first docks for their own Fire tablets today, with the Echo Show transforming Show Mode docks that fits the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10. These two docks will be released on July 12:

What the Show Mode Charging Dock adds on the software and service side is an Echo-like feature with Alexa listening to you and taking your commands if you want to control music, have things read out to you, check on news, info, and updates, make calls, or one of the many other Alexa tasks hands free.

Known as Show Mode, this feature is automatically engaged once the tablet is placed in the dock. Once you take the tablet out of the dock, it goes back to its normal self again.

On the hardware side, Show Mode Charging Dock also adds an adjustable tablet stand, and the tablet will also be charged once it's in the dock too.

Since this is a new launch for Amazon, they are also offering a $5 bundle discount for those buy the tablets together with the dock.

– Tom Bowen