Amazon Fire Tablet Sale – Now Starting At $44

Amazon have a small Octoberfest going for its own inhouse Fire tablets, with sales on all of them, including for the first time a sale on the new 7-inch model.

The new Fire 7 is on sale for $44, which is the first time this $59 tablet has gone on sale.

There are sales on the Fire HD 8 also for $44, but these sales are on the 2020 model and not on the upcoming new Fire HD 8 that's launching in 3 weeks.


But the Fire HD 8 Plus with more RAM and wireless charging is also on sale, for $54, so at least the prices are interesting.

And that's the case with Amazon's largest tablet too, the Fire HD 10 which actually costs just $74, which is the lowest the price Amazon ever puts on these 10.1-inch Full HD tablets once or twice a year.

The bundle for this tablet with a keyboard and 1 year worth of Office is $169.

– Tom Bowen