Lenovo Home Assistant Pack With Amazon Alexa And 3 Watt Speaker Announced For The Four Lenovo Tab 4 Tablets

During the IFA technology trade show in Berlin, Lenovo have announced that they have started working with Amazon, which has given us the Lenovo Home Assistant Pack with Amazon Alexa for the four Lenovo Tab 4 tablets.

Lenovo Home Assistant Pack is a voice activated personal assistant that uses Amazon Alexa to supply it with information and carry out commands, ranging from looking up the weather forecast or set appointments and alerts, to activate smart home devices or ask for information stored in the vast Alexa information library.

On the specs side, the Home Assistant Pack has two 3 watt speakers so that you can talk to Alexa from something of a distance and still hear what is being said, or listen to music, watch videos, or play games from some proper speakers.

The Home Assistant Pack also has two microphones with far-field detection that recognizes someones voice from 3 meters away.

The weight of the Home Assistant Pack is 300 grams, which is less than any of the tablets, making it portable and mobile.

Using the Home Assistant Pack is set up to be quick and easy, so that all a user have to do is to just place it in the dock to start talking to it, while visual info can be seen on the tablet screen too.

The Lenovo Home Assistant Pack will be released in the US in October, starting at a price of $79, with optional services that can be bought alongside of it. But it will only work with Lenovo Tab 4 tablets.

The 8-inch and 10.1-inch Android 7.1 Lenovo Tab 4 tablets have been released already, and we are just awaiting the release of the 8-inch and 10.1-inch Lenovo Tab 4 Plus tablets.

Lenovo intends to release more smart home devices over the next few years, so this is seen as just the beginning.

– Jim Miller