All Fire Tablets At 2 For The Price Of 1 At Best Buy Today

If you missed the Amazon Prime Day sales on Fire tablets, then other a rare second opportunity is available fro Best Buy today where they are selling all Amazon Fire tablets at 2 for the the price of 1.

So that means two Fire 7 tablets for $50, two Fire HD 8 tablets for $80, or two Fire HD 10 tablets for $180.

The Fire 7 is the newest tablet of the three, launched on June 6th. Fire HD 8 was launched on October 4th, and remains one of the bestselling tablets as the perfect cheap 8-inch tablet around the home or on travels.

The Fire HD 10 is the oldest since it was launched almost two years ago, and as we here at Tabletmonkeys wrote back on July 16th, it is our belief that a unannounced new Fire HD 10 is in the works, and that model would most likely be unveiled in August.

Amazon Fire Tablets 2 For 1 Price
Amazon Fire tablets 2 for 1 price bundle

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– Jim Miller