A 5-Inch Tablet That’s A Magnifying Glass For Vision Impaired

There’s a 5-inch tablet that isn’t actually a tablet after all, but more of a portable 5-inch monitor with a digital video magnifier built into it, and that’s all that it does.

I’ve never acually tried this device out myself. I’ve only seen these devices before when the used to look llike digital cameras instead, but the evolution of these devices have added a lot of more practical features to them, though there may be one ironic shortcoming, maybe.

The resolution is only 800 x 480, and the rear camera is also just a 1.3MP camera for the so-called far focal, with a 0.3MP camera for the near focal. But then again, this is for closeups, so it may be just fine in practice even though those specs seem low for the price. It hs 1080 HDMI ouput support though, for anyone who wish to hook this up to their TV or a monitor instead, and the frame rate is 60fps too.

The battery is a 2500 mAh battery, with a 4 hour runtime, and it actually weighs 245 grams.

What makes this work though, is the 4x – 32x digital magnifier, with 8 LED lights on the back that illuminates the objects that are magnified, almost like a macro flash on a SLR camera.

It has a variable stand on the back so that it can be moved around with the same set distance to the object that is zooed in on, it has 15 different color modes on the display so that a user can pick whatever color combination suits their vision the best, and while the images will be show at a 60fps rate, the images can also be frozen before users move on.

Among physical properties, it also has a fold-out handle so that it can be held just like a normal magnifying glass.

– Jim Miller

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