9 Best PDF Voice Reader for Windows

Reading is fun, but sometimes you just want to listen instead. Whether it's boring reports or lengthy articles in PDF format, reading them can be a tedious task. That's where a PDF voice reader app comes in handy. It can convert text into voice and read it out to you, allowing you to multitask and save time. In this article, we will explore the best PDF voice reader options for Windows.

Native Option

1. Microsoft Edge

The easiest way to convert PDF to voice is through the built-in Microsoft Edge browser. Simply right-click on the PDF file and select “Microsoft Edge.” Once the PDF is open, you'll find a “Read Aloud” option on the top toolbar. You can also select a portion of the PDF and choose the “Read aloud selection” option to read only specific parts. Microsoft Edge allows you to customize the language, voice, and reading speed as well.


Third-party Apps

2. Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a popular PDF reader app that also offers a read-aloud feature. Open any PDF file within Adobe Acrobat Reader and click on “View” to find the “Read Out Loud” option. Once activated, you can click on a paragraph to have it read out to you. You can also customize settings to have Adobe read the current page or the entire document. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a reliable choice for basic use cases.

3. Natural Reader

Natural Reader takes PDF voice reading to the next level. It supports various file formats like PDF, Word, TXT, and ePub. Besides converting text to audio, it can also create audio files from PDFs, allowing you to listen on the go. Natural Reader offers control over speed and speaker settings, making it a versatile option. It also has an online version and apps for Android and iOS platforms.

natural reader for pdf to voice

4. Read Aloud

Read Aloud is a free software developed by Microsoft that strikes a balance between basic and advanced features. It can read PDF files, web pages, and various formats like Word, Epub, and TXT. If you're using Windows 10 and the Edge browser, you can directly share files with Read Aloud. The software offers voice settings, including volume control, speed rate, and pitch rate. It also has a pronunciation editor for customizing word sounds.

5. Power Text to Speech Reader

Power Text to Speech Reader is a comprehensive tool that not only converts PDF to voice but also supports other file formats like EML and RTF. It allows you to save audio files for later listening and offers voice options similar to Natural Reader. Power Text to Speech Reader works with Windows 7/8 machines and has a plugin for Internet Explorer. Its versatility and support for multiple languages make it a reliable choice.

6. Balabolka

Balabolka is a free Text-To-Speech (TTS) program that converts PDF files into audio formats like MP3 and MP4. It supports a wide range of file formats, including AZW, XLS, CHM, and more. Balabolka also offers portability with its portable version and allows customization of UI, fonts, colors, pitch, and rate. It's a convenient option for travelers who use different computers.

Chrome Extension

7. Read Aloud

Read Aloud is a third-party extension for Chrome that enables you to listen to PDF files on the web without downloading them. Install the extension and choose your language, voice, speed, and pitch preferences. It can also play local PDF files by dragging and dropping them into Chrome. Read Aloud is a lightweight tool with a simple interface and multiple voice options.

Online Tool

8. TTSReader

TTSReader is an online website that converts text to voice. Simply copy-paste the PDF file or drag-and-drop it into the textbox, and it will convert the text to voice. TTSReader stands out for its ease of use and simplicity. It's a convenient option when you don't want to install any software.

Wrapping Up: PDF Voice Reader for Windows

If you prefer not to install any third-party apps, Microsoft Edge and TTSReader are great options. Adobe Acrobat Reader is ideal for basic use cases, while Balabolka offers more features for free. Natural Reader is recommended for power users and those who need additional support. Lastly, Read Aloud and TTSReader provide alternative ways to listen to PDF files without downloading them. Choose the PDF voice reader that suits your needs and enjoy a more convenient reading experience.

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