8K OLED Tablet Displays At 8.3 And 13.3 Inches Developed

Anandtech have picked up a story from Optronics Online the other day, who reports that the Japanese display and semiconductor developer Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL) have developed two new 8K OLED displays suitable for tablets and notebooks.

These new 8K OLED displays measure 8.3 inches and 13.3 inches, with a 8K resolution of 7680 x 4320 for both of the displays. The 8.3-inch display has a normal 60 Hz refresh rate, while the 13.3-inch display has an even higher 120 Hz refresh rate, which would make this an incredible display.

SEL is not the first company to develop 8K displays for a tablets or laptops, but there's been no leaks or rumors on any probable 8K tablets coming as of yet, not even from Samsung who have been pushing QLED 8K displays a lot recently.

8K tablets would first of all benefit medical professions and engineers who already use 8K displays on large screens. But with SEL emphasizing low power 8K display technology, it makes 8K displays more likely to be included in tablets for the consumer market.

2019 is touted as a “year of 8K” though, though we have to wait and see how that manifests in consumer products beyond TV's.

– Tom Bowen