8-Inch Interactive Amazon Glow With Projector Unveiled Today

In addition to announcing the Astro today, the first Amazon robot, Amazon also announced Amazon Glow, an interactive projector with a tablet display meant to bridge the gap between interaction and video calls.
Amazon Glow will start as an invitation only, and will launch for $249 to the first customers, with the price going up to $299 thereafter.

The concept isn't entirely new. It has a few things in common with Osmo for tablets.

But Amazon Glow also takes some of the elements a step further, such as using sensing technologies too, to pick up gestures and increase interaction between users.

The 8-inch screen has a HD resolution of 1280 x 800, while the projector is a 19.2-inch projector accompanied by a pair of 10W stereo speakers.

Users on the other end meanwhile will suffice with an iPad or iPhone, or an Android tablet or smartphone.

– Tom Bowen