8-Inch Chuwi MiniBook Windows 10 Pocket Laptop Features 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, Digitizer, In Last Week Of Crowdfunding

Chuwi MiniBook is now at its final crowdfunding stage this week, and lots of exciting things have happened since before the original crowdfunding campaign was launched before the summer.

Originally the 8-inch Chuwi MiniBook Windows 10 pocket laptop was to launch in Intel Celeron N4100 and Intel Core m3-8100Y versions with up to 8GB of RAM, that has long since been surpassed.

By extending the crowdfunding goals in stages thanks to the feedback from their supporters, Chuwi first added options of 16GB of RAM, then extended storage up to 256GB/512GB of SSD storage, which was then followed by the inclusion of a fingerprint reader, and then at their $650K stretch goal it also got digitizer support for the Chuwi H3 pen.

The crowdfunding will be closed at the end of this week, but should it reach above $800K before the close, Chuwi will include the stylus for free. And should it surpass it all the way up to $1M, Chuwi will also include a external USB hub.

At the moment it looks like it may not reach $800K, even though I hope so for all the backers. But the original backers have now got the general specs that they wanted, which was a powerful pocket laptop with fast storage. And in the process, they have helped shape the final pocket laptop in such a way that it may become more successful compared to its rivals too when it launches in the marketplace.

Shipping of the Chuwi MiniBook is still planned to start in September. The Chuwi H3 pen is a AAAA battery powered 1024 pressure level supported digitizer which only costs $20 anyway. It's used for a few of Chuwi's other tablets too, and it looks and feels a little like a Surface Pen, though with more stairstepping of course. But it can be great alternative to using a mouse, and it's good for making annotations.

Chuwi H3 Pen
Chuwi H3 Pen
– Tom Bowen