5 Best Microphones for Video Conferencing and Calling

Like it or not, work from home culture is here to stay. And so will be the virtual meetings. Of course, you’ve got yourself that new and shiny high-end webcam to look better during Zoom meetings, but what about the sound? When it comes to audio quality, even the most expensive laptops and webcams with a built-in microphone just won’t cut it. That’s where standalone microphones for video conferencing can help. After all, the last thing you want is to sound like a broken record to co-workers or students.

Best Microphones for Video Calling and Conferencing

Doing a quick search for microphones on Amazon will yield an array of options, enough to confuse with confusing names and features. To help you out, we've done the hard bit of scouring the best 5 microphones for your next Zoom call.

1. Best Premium: Blue Yeti USB Mic

When it comes to the best microphones, Blue Yeti USB is a jack of all trades. Whether you’re on a zoom call or recording yourself for a podcast, the four different polar patterns help produce excellent sound output in any recording situation. Besides, it has the most important controls onboard like volume control, mute button, and a pattern switch. On the back, there's a built-in gain dial to record quiet or distant sounds which is useful for recording a podcast or doing a live stream.

Blue Yeti USB Mic

Apart from the above, the mic boasts a solid full-body metal construction, right from the mesh covering the mic to the volume control. And with its plug-n-play nature, there’s no need for additional setup. Blue Yeti USB Mic retails for a hefty price of $130. However, if you’re willing to give up support for stereo or bidirectional modes, you can pick up the Nano version for only $90.

2. Best Design: Shure MV5

If you are a sucker for modern-day products wrapped in retro looks, then you’ll definitely fall for Shure MV5. The mic is housed in a near-perfect round grill with connections on the back. In terms of audio, three separate preset modes (instrument, flat, and vocals) can get you the sound you need based on the task at hand. Plus, the Speech Enhancement Mode does a great job providing automatic equalization and boosting vocal frequencies.

Shure MV5

On its back, you’ll find a 3.5mm low-latency headphone jack along with a micro USB port. Additionally, there’s a mute button and a mode button as well. If you decide to go with Shure MV5, make sure you buy the one with the old packaging which sells for about $15 less with the same product inside.

3. Best All-Purpose: HyperX SoloCast

HyperX SoloCast brings the best of both worlds with the ability to capture every detail in stunning clarity and a not-so-expensive price tag. The included flexible and adjustable stand makes it easy to position the mic for a variety of setups. Plus, the small form factor means it’ll sit comfortably even in the tightest of spaces. With HyperX SoloCast, there’re plenty of compatibility options with support for Windows, Mac, PlayStation, and more.

HyperX SoloCast

Besides video conferencing, this mic is perfect for those who love streaming or playing games. A handy LED light will constantly blink when the mic is recording. And it’s easy to mute it with the tap-to-mute sensor. Surprisingly and sadly, the mic doesn’t support the HyperX NGenuity companion app. Other than that, HyperX SoloCast manages to live up to the hype with its simplistic plug-n-play nature and above-average sound quality.

4. Best for Travel: FIFINE K669B

If your mic use is limited to occasional video calls only, then a budget offering like FIFINE K669B will do. Despite its affordable pricing, FIFINE has made no compromise in terms of build quality with a full-body metal covering. Unlike the more expensive options, the K669B doesn’t have a headphone jack nor any other ports. It does however have a volume knob upfront, but that’s about it.


In terms of audio quality, this condenser microphone captures your voice properly, delivering clear and crisp sound. What’s more? The mic also manages to reduce any background noise thanks to its cardioid recording capabilities. Weighing only 15 ounces and small form factor, MV5 makes for a great portable mic for its price.

5. Best Budget: TONOT TC-777

TONOT TC-777 is yet another budget-friendly mic aimed at casual users. Inside the box, it comes in an all-inclusive kit including a tripod, mini shock mount, and a pop filter. Plus, the 5 feet long non-detachable cable will be adequate for most setups. Coming to the audio quality, the clarity is amazing for the price with decent suppressing of unwanted background noise like footsteps or voices coming from the other rooms. Besides, the shock mount does a decent job of isolating vibrations, making it easier to work with on a desk you are leaning all over.


The only downside? It doesn’t have a mute button nor a volume control, which is a bit disappointing. Aside from that, the TONOT TC-777 is one of the best inexpensive microphones for video conferencing on Amazon.

Wrap Up: 5 Best Microphones for Video Conferencing and Calling

Any of these microphones could be a great addition to your existing work from home setup. Especially, considering their versatility and advanced features. Whether you want them for video conferencing, recording podcasts, or streaming games, these mics can handle it all. So, let us know which one you like the most in the comments below.

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