5.5-Inch e-Caddie SkyCaddie SX550 Launching June 15th

Tablet computers have been used in many ways by golfers over the years, and some golf carts even have a tablet mounted on the dash or underneath the roof. I’ve also witnessed what a golf ball moving at 150 mph can do to the screen of an iPad. And I don’t think even a screen protector would have saved that one.

But now the manufacturer of what is arguably the best e-caddie on the market these days, is about to launch their first 5.5-inch e-caddie which is larger than their previous models.

Called the SkyCaddie SX550, this 5.5-inch e-caddie is being released as the SkyCaddie SX550 Tourbook bundle on June 15, with a launch price of $399.

It’s water resistant, features a 1440 x 720 resolution display, with a 14 hour battery life, Wi-Fi, and of course 35,000+ worldwide golf courses mapped in by SkyGolf’s caddies mapping up each course with navigation technology by foot.

This enables more than just a regular eagle eye’s view of the course too, and the precision 3D mapping makes it possible to view the course from your own angle of view.

SkyCaddie SX550

– Jim Miller

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