2023 Version Of Acer Iconia Tab A10 Is Coming

Acer will be holding a press event soon as we get into June, but before then there's still time for another Acer tablet leak too.

In addition to all the other consumer market tablets that Acer is working on bringing back to the market, well according to the latest FCC approval Acer is even bringing back the 10-inch line of Acer Iconia Tab A10 and A11 tablets.

Not much is know about these two tablets yet, though this line has always been at the entry level in terms of specs, and it seems that Acer will continue to keep it that way.

Acer Iconia Tab A10
Acer Iconia Tab A10

Because some specs can be confirmed ahead of the launch. Based on both the FCC approval as well as the Bluetooth certification, Acer Iconia Tab A10 has been approved with Android 12, Wi-Fi 5, GNSS, and Bluetooth 5.3.

So if it doesn't even feature Wi-Fi 6, then it's clearly not trying to be a higher end type of tablet. It looks like a tablet that will appeal to the regular Acer buyers instead.

But at least we are seeing Acer getting more and more back into the consumer market with tablets again, so hopefully Acer might create some really distinctive tablet computers again too in the not so distant future.

– Tom Bowen