2022 Lenovo Smart Clock In Store

The new 2022 Lenovo Smart Clock that was announced at CES earlier this month has started accepting pre-orders for $69: https://www.amazon.com/Lenovo-ZAA30007US

Lenovo Smart Clock is a smart device with Alexa, so you can use that to look up things, interact with, and of course control smart devices with it.

But with a large watch face, it can be a useful as either night tablet clock with alarms and other info, like weather, or it may be a functional large display clock other places around the house since the LED lit numbers are easy to see.

There's also a privacy shutter for the mic in case you want to turn that feature off, and a speaker that will either speak out responses or play music.

Lenovo will also launch an accessory for this smart clock in the coming weeks called Lenovo Ambient Light Dock Lenovo Ambient Light Dock[/caption], which will be a mood light with eight different settings that can bring multiple colors of light to the room.

Lenovo Ambient Light Dock

– Jim Miller