2017 Chinese Lunar New Year Sales In Computer Tablets, Smart Technology, Electronics

With the 2017 Chinese Lunar New Year there are sales and discounts worth taking advantage of in either computer tablets, some of the smart technology, or other electronics on sale, and this is on sale globally, and not just in the US, like the US warehouse relocation sale we mentioned last week.

On Windows 10 2-in-1 as well as on Windows and Android tablets, there are additional coupons avilable too, with 13% extra off with the coupon code “GBTPC”. On sale are the Chuwi Hi10 Pro, the Chuwi LapBook, Jumper EZBook 3, Cube iWOrk 10, Cube iWork12, and Chuwi Hi10 Plus.
2017 Chinese Lunar New Year Sales

Similar deals applies to Android smartphones, but with the coupon code “GBMBP” instead. And there's some sales on hot phones like the Huawei Honor 8 too.
Chinese New Year Sales 2017

Other computer deal within the Chinese Lunar New Year sales include the cheap gaming mouse BM007 mouse for $2.59

A Tigernu 17-inch laptop backpack for $30

G6 smartwatch with heart rate monitor and WhatsApp support, compatible with iOS and Android with a 1.2-inch screen, for $30.

The new QCY Q29 in-ear noise canceling Bluetooth mini-earphones at $59

Swiveling tablet stand holder with long arms for $17

One of those neat little Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi amplifiers on sale for $7

And there's sale on foldable tablet stands that can be put in the pocket for $4.50
Foldable Cheap iPad Stand For Tablets

Chinese Lunar Year Sales

– Jim Miller