18 Fresh Telegram Bots to Supercharge your Messenger

Telegram is known for its extensive features, surpassing other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Line, and Signal. However, what sets it apart is its robust bot ecosystem. With Telegram's open-sourced bot API, anyone can create bots for the platform. While there are many unfinished and mediocre bots out there, we have compiled a list of the best Telegram bots that are well-made, fully functional, and most importantly, useful. Let's dive in!

1. Bot List Bot

If you want to explore the depths of Telegram's bot universe, this is the bot for you. It is the largest consolidated list (unofficial) of bots on Telegram. Whether you're searching for Android and tech news or weather updates, this bot has got you covered.

2. Cropper Bot

Instagram's stubborn image aspect ratio policy can be frustrating. But fear not, Cropper Bot is here to help. This bot allows you to split panoramic images into square pieces, which can then be uploaded as an album. Say goodbye to thin lines on your timeline!

3. Pomodoro Timer Bot

Boost your productivity with the Pomodoro technique. This bot follows the 25-minute work and 5-minute break cycle to keep your brain sharp. If you spend a lot of time on Telegram, give this bot a try.

4. Chat Against Humanity Bot

If you're a fan of Cards Against Humanity, this bot is a must-have. It brings the popular card game to your Telegram group chat, complete with different packs from the CardCast website. Enjoy hours of laughter with your friends!

5. Retrogames Bot

Love retro games? This bot is for you. Instead of installing emulator apps on your phone or computer, simply add this bot to Telegram. It supports NES, SNES, SEGA, and GAMEBOY games. Just make sure to purchase the games legally.

6. Reddit Video Downloader Bot

Ever come across a cute cat video on Reddit and wanted to download it? This bot makes it possible. Paste the link in the bot chat, and it will extract the video for you. Perfect for all cat lovers out there!

7. Instasave Bot

Instagram doesn't allow you to download pictures natively, but Instasave Bot solves this problem. Simply copy the Instagram picture link and paste it into the bot chat to download it locally.

8. Events Aggregator Bot

Stay up to date with the Events Aggregator Bot. Create a custom news feed within Telegram by following users on Reddit, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter. You can also subscribe to subreddits and RSS feeds.

9. Voicy Bot

When text chats become intense, switch to voice notes with Voicy Bot. It automatically converts audio files to text, making communication easier. Set it up once in the group, and it will do the job automatically.

10. Spoiler Bot

Want to send a spoiler in a group chat? Use this bot to hide your spoiler in a warning message. Users can choose to see or ignore it. Remember, use this responsibly!

11. IFTTT Bot

Connect different services with IFTTT Bot. Link your IFTTT account with Telegram and control Hue lights, create Spotify lists, trigger Alexa, and much more. The possibilities are endless!

12. Movies Tracker Bot

Instead of guessing movie details in a group chat, use the Movies Tracker bot. Enter the movie name, and it will pull up accurate information from IMDb, including plot, rating, and more.

13. Wikipedia Summary Bot

Quickly share Wiki articles in chats with the Wikipedia Summary bot. It provides a summary of the article and a link to the full version. Set your preferred language for future results.

14. Hodor Bot

Hodor, Hodor… Hodor. Hodor Bot is a fun bot that lets you channel your inner Hodor.

15. Group Butler Bot

Manage your group effortlessly with the Group Butler bot. It can automatically kick and ban users, set rules, create custom triggers, and implement anti-flood measures. Give yourself a break and let the butler take over!

16. Grocery List Bot

Whether you live with family or have a flat situation, the Grocery List bot is a must-have. It's the most efficient way to create and manage grocery lists. Add or delete items, pull the list, and delete it entirely.

17. Hot or Bot

If you're in the mood to meet new people, Hot or Bot is the bot for you. It's similar to Tinder, allowing you to like or dislike profiles shown by the bot. When there's a mutual like, you can start chatting.

18. Github Bot

If you have public repositories on Github, this bot is essential. Get notified of new events, comment, and reply to posts, all within Telegram. Keep your Github game strong!

These are just a few of the amazing Telegram bots out there. Whether you're looking for productivity tools, entertainment, or utility bots, Telegram has it all. Which bots are your favorites? Let us know in the comments or connect with us on Twitter. Happy botting!