13 Fixes for Can’t Download Apps From Play Store

You just purchased a brand new Android phone, and you are super excited to try out all the nifty features it offers. But then all your excitement goes down the drain when you find yourself unable to install apps from the Play Store. Don't worry, we've got you covered. In this article, we will show you multiple solutions that will help you fix the app downloading issue on your Android phone.

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Please check your internet connection. Sometimes, you might think you're connected, but in reality, you could be experiencing slow bandwidth speed. Use SpeedTest.net to test your internet connection speed. If the result doesn't match your data plan, there may be an ongoing issue with your internet connection. You can try switching between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

2. Check the Play Store Server

Another common reason you can't install apps on your Android phone could be a server issue on Google's end. You can visit the Google Play Status Dashboard to check the server status. If there isn't a server outage, you can check out the next troubleshooting.

3. Force Close and Clear Data

When any app behaves abnormally, one of our go-to solutions is force closing and clearing the cache & data of the app. Perhaps you can also do the same for the Play Store. This will help you clean out all the misconfigured settings and background processes.

4. Restart Your Phone

If even after clearing the Play Store cache, you're still not able to download apps from Play Store, you can try restarting your phone. This will stop any background apps or processes that might be conflicting with the Play Store services.

5. Turn Off Private DNS

If you have set custom DNS on your Android phone, then it's time for you to turn it off because it might conflict with the Play Store's communication protocols, leading to download issues.

6. Remove and Re-Add Your Google Account

Sometimes bugs, server connection, or unknown issues may make it difficult for you to download apps from the Play Store. So removing all the Google accounts from your Android phone may help you fix the ongoing app downloading issue.

7. Apps Updating in the Background

When you first set up your Android phone, hundreds of apps are updated in the background. Perhaps that's the reason you're unable to download apps from the Play Store. To confirm if that's the issue, you can open the Play Store and then check if apps are being updated. Please wait for the updates to complete and then retry installing apps on your phone.

8. Update the Play Store App

The current version you are using may have some bugs that may be preventing apps from being downloaded from the Play Store. Therefore, we recommend updating the Play Store app.

9. Turn Off VPN

While a reliable VPN service can help maintain the privacy of your online activities, it may, in some cases, create issues with certain apps or web services, including downloading apps from the Play Store. If you're having trouble downloading apps, try turning off your VPN temporarily and then download the app. Once it's installed, you can turn the VPN back on.

10. Check Your Phone Storage Space

Low phone storage can also prevent you from downloading apps from the Play Store. Please check your phone storage and uninstall unnecessary apps or games to free up space.

11. Remove Data Usage Restriction

Many cellular networks or broadband connections have a monthly data allowance, and we cap it to prevent additional charges. Please check if there is any data usage limit set on your Android phone and turn it off if necessary.

12. Update Your Phone

There might be a bug in your Android version that's preventing your phone from downloading apps from the Play Store. Check for updates, and if available, update your phone as soon as possible.

13. Factory Reset Your Phone

If all the above solutions fail to fix the app download issue on your Play Store, you can reset your Android phone. This will help you restore your device to its factory settings and resolve any persistent software issues that may be affecting the app downloads.

We hope that one of these solutions will help you fix the app downloading issue on your Android phone. Don't let the app-o-calypse ruin your experience. Now that you have resolved the downloading issue on your phone, you can go ahead and enjoy installing your favorite apps from the Play Store.