12.9-Inch Apple iPad Pro With Nano Pushed Back to 2016

The last time there seemed to be something definitive going on with the large 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro (code name J98/J99), was back in March when sources said that material supply issues had pushed back the launch to September this year.

But now a new source says that (possibly the same) material supply issues are pushing the launch back even further, even into 2016. The rapport comes from Etnews, who quotes an anonymous source today. The material in question is silver nanowire for touch panels.

One benefit is that these panels are supposed to be cheaper to produce than other display panels, which should help with margins on a large almost 13-inch tablet, where the display will be costly.

This large iPad have from before been rumored to feature a USB-C port.

For an introduction to the silver nanowire technology, you might be interested in the video below from Cambrios who produce these panels.

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– Tom Bowen

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