12.9-Inch Apple iPad Pro Delayed To September Says Fresh Rumor

The still unofficial 12.9-inch large iPad that sometimes goes by the name Apple iPad Pro have now been delayed says the latest rumor.

According to rumors obtained by Bloomberg and Reuters, the production of the large iPad Pro is delayed until September due to material supply issues for the 12-inch display.

Until now, it had been expected that production would have begun by now in Q1. The latest rumor also include the possibility of USB 3.0, fast charging, and some kind of tiny keyboard, which makes it sound very much like a Surface Pro 3 tablet.

Will Apple allow a USB 3.0 port and not create a port and cable of their own? It sounds unlikely that a restrictive and cheapskate company like Apple will allow owners the freedom and choice of a standard USB 3.0 port. So unless Apple buys the patent for USB 3.0, I doubt the $178 billion-in-cash-company will allow that freedom.

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– Tom Bowen