12.9-Inch Apple iPad Pro Components Delivery To Start In September

Monica Chen of Digitimes have it on good authority that the supply chain for the upcoming large 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro, model code names J98 and J99, will start delivering components to the 12.9-inch iPad for production at Foxconn (the current manufacturer of iPad’s) in late September, with expectations of availability of the new iPad after mid-November.

Apple is currently said to be cautious about production numbers though, which is keeping in line with general tablet trends at the moment. The iPad pro will probably be priced from $800 – $900 and upwards, which makes it a tough sell. The other Pro tablet contenders in this segment like the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, and Microsoft Surface Pro 3, with Android and Windows respectively, are difficult tablets to overdo. So the attraction of the large iPad will primarily be in the Apple iOS operating system.

Foxconn assembly line

Foxconn’s Apple assembly line

Estimates around the launch time of the device has varied a lot over the years, since this iPad has been worked on for years. But at the moment it looks like it might appear on the market between Q4 2015 and Q1 2016.

Specifications are rumored to include a 12.9-inch silver nanowire for touch panels display with 2732×2048 resolution, a USB-C port, and optional digitizer.

If it goes into production in late September, we should get more definitive specification leaks around then.

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– Tom Bowen

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