11.11 Singles Day Tablet, Mobile Tech, And Computer Deals

Today is the 11.11 Singles Day 2018 and with that we get the chance to pick up tablets on sale during the day, sometimes through flash sales.

With up to 40% off on Gearbest during 11.11 Singles Day, we are looking at these prices:
$199 – Jumper EZBook 3 Pro
$185 – Teclast T20
$185 – Chuwi Hi9 Plus
$165 – Chuwi Hi9 Air
$145 – Teclast M20 4G
$130 – Chuwi Hi Pad
$129 – Chuwi Hi9 Pro
$123 – Teclast M89
$120 – Chuwi Hi9

Another good sale is on the Lenovo A5 Android 8.1 smartphone for $89, and on Qualcomm Quick Charge adapters and related tablet accessories.

11.11 2018 Tablet Deals Chuwi

From Banggood there's 11.11 sales mainly on all kinds of electronics in general, and lots on tablet accessories, such as USB sticks with 128GB storage for under $18, but there are some tablet and computer sales too, like the Alldocube M5S for $149 and on some of the Intel Celeron tablets.

Geekbuying has 11.11 sales on the new 7-inch Windows laptop One Netbook One Mix 2S, some on tablets, but mainly on computer and tablet accessories.

From Deal Extreme the prices are the best on some of the many, many computer accessories, ranging from adapters to USB hubs to cables.

– Jim Miller