10 Exciting Ways to Spend Your Google Play Balance and Opinion Rewards

If you've earned some Google Play balance through the Google Opinion Rewards app, you might be wondering how to spend it before it expires. Well, you're in luck! There are plenty of ways to make the most of your Play balance, from purchasing apps and games to subscribing to various services. But remember, these methods only work on Android devices. Let's dive into the exciting ways you can spend your Google Play balance and Opinion Rewards.

Spend Your Google Play Balance

You can use your Google Play balance to purchase apps and services on the Play Store or other Play apps. However, keep in mind that if your Play balance is less than the cost of what you want to buy, you won't be able to use it partially and pay the rest with another payment method. To top up your Play balance, you can also buy Google Play gift cards from supported apps. Just redeem the code in the Play Store's “Payments and subscriptions” section, and you're good to go.

1. Buy Paid Apps and Games on Google Play Store

With your Google Play balance, you can easily buy any paid app or game from the Play Store. Simply search for the app you want, select it, and choose the “Google Play balance” option at the payment menu. It's a convenient way to spend your Play balance on the best-paid apps available.

2. Make In-App Purchases

Many apps offer in-app purchases, such as upgrading to the pro version or buying extra features. If the app uses the Google Play payment method, you can use your Play balance to make these purchases. However, keep in mind that some apps may have their own payment methods or third-party options, which won't allow you to use your Play balance.

3. Get a Google Play Pass Subscription

If you want to access multiple paid apps and premium subscriptions in one package, consider subscribing to Google Play Pass. It's a monthly subscription that offers a vast collection of apps without the need to purchase them individually. You can use your Play balance to subscribe directly to Play Pass.

4. Buy Movies from Google TV

Want to own your favorite movies and watch them multiple times? Use your Play balance to buy movies from the Google TV app. This way, you can enjoy your favorite films even if you decide to cancel your streaming subscriptions.

5. Buy Books From Google Play Books

If you're an avid reader, you can use your Play balance to buy e-books from the Google Play Books app. You can access these books on any Android device, iPhone, iPad, or even your PC through the Play Books Library on the Google Play Store web app.

6. Subscribe to News Source on News Stand

Stay updated with the latest news by subscribing to newspapers through the Google News app. You can use your Play balance to get digital versions of newspapers and enjoy reading them on your Android device.

7. Get a YouTube Premium Plan or Subscription

Enjoy an ad-free YouTube experience, background play, and high-quality video playback by subscribing to YouTube Premium. You can use your Play balance to get a YouTube Premium plan directly from the YouTube app on your Android phone. You can also opt for specific months without a subscription plan when your Play or Rewards balance is limited.

8. Get YouTube Music Plan or Subscription

If you're a music lover, you can subscribe to YouTube Music using your Play balance. With YouTube Music, you'll get an ad-free music streaming experience.

9. Get a YouTube TV Subscription

Replace your cable TV with YouTube TV by subscribing to it using your Play balance. Please note that YouTube TV is currently only available in the US.

10. Get a Google One Subscription

Subscribe to Google One and enjoy cloud storage plans that are perfect for Google Drive and Google Photos. In addition to storage, Google One offers various features like advanced Google Photos editing and VPN services.

Pay Using Google Play and Opinion Rewards

With your Google Play balance and Opinion Rewards, you can purchase or subscribe to a wide range of services. Just remember to maintain enough balance to cover your subscriptions and top up your Play balance if needed. So, go ahead and start spending your Google Play balance on your favorite apps, games, movies, books, and subscriptions!