Xiaomi Said To Move Into Notebooks In 2016

While we haven’t heard anything new about the tablet Xiaomi is teasing since we published Xiaomi’s teaser poster yesterday, news broke today that Xiaomi is serious about computers and intended to move into notebooks too next year.

This is a rumor picked up by Digitimes, who says that the content of the rumor so far states that Xiaomi is partnering with Foxconn and Inventec for the production of a 15-inch notebook for 2016.

The operating system was first believed to be Linux, then WIndows 10 later on. What Xiaomi will make out of it remains to be seen, but it’s easy to create your own desktop OS based on Linux. Though Windows 10 has the largest user base already.

The expected price is around CNY 2,000 or US $471, which reinforces the claim that the notebook is expected to have pretty high specs for the price.

In the meantime, the Xiamoi MiPad have gone on sale.

Xiaomi tablet

Xiaomi tablet

– Jim Miller

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