Teclast Tbook 10 On Sale Before April 24 Launch

The Teclast Tbook 10 will launch next Sunday on April 24 and is on sale right now before the release. This is the 10.1-inch tablet model in the new Teclast Tbook series of 2-in-1’s, and the Teclast Tbook 10 even features dual-OS Windows 10 + Android 5.1: http://www.gearbest.com/tablet-pcs/pp_350211.html

The Teclast Tbook 10 sales price is $189, which sounds good, but upon closer inspection, this price is for the tablet only. The keyboard doesn’t seem to have become available yet.

The specs are decent enough, but when the keyboard is added to the price, it will pretty much be at the same level as Android and Windows tablets such as Asus Transformer Book T100HA, Toshiba Satellite Click 10, or Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70, and I think most customers will be more comfortable placing their orders with Asus, Lenovo, and Toshiba.

Either way, Teclast Tbook 10 looks great and has a quad-core Intel Atom Z8300 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of storage with 128GB microSD card support.

Teclast Tbook 10

Teclast Tbook 10

The 10.1-inch screen has FHD 1920 x 1200 resolution with support for Teclast’s own digitizer pens for this tablet, and the tablet is just 8 mm thick, but that’s also where the highlights end.

It only has a front camera, at 2MP, and the Wi-Fi is single-band 802.11 b/g/n with Bluetooth 4.0. Remaining specs include a micro-USB 2.0 port, a micro-HDMI port, a gravity sensor, and a 5 hour battery life. The keyboard will add 3500 mAh worth of battery power though in addition to a full-sized USB port, when then keyboard gets released.

The weight of the Teclast Tbook 10 tablet is 574 grams.

I can’t help but think that no matter how great and modern this tablet looks, it lacks just enough specs to make it a worthwhile buy compared to the alternatives at this price level.

Teclast Tbook 10

Teclast Tbook 10  Windows 10 tablet

Teclast Tbook 10  pen

– Tom Bowen

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