Samsung Satirizes Rumor Mill Ahead Of Galaxy S6 Launch

This is pretty funny, and a bit of a novelty approach among manufacturers of mobile devices. The situation is this; Samsung is expected to launch their new Galaxy S6 phone during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain in 8 days.

Now as you would expect, there’s been a lot of purported leaks and rumors ahead of the launch of such an important smartphone, so this time around Samsung decided to have a little fun with all of that, and it that honor they’ve launched a web page where they satirize a few of those rumors complete with a short text and mock up drawings.

If you want a laugh it could be worth to check out the hilarious illustrations at one of Samsung’s Nordic websites:

In one of the illustrations, the mock up phone appears to be cushioned on an airbag even. Jeff Bezos actually patented airbags for falling mobile devices in 2013.

Samsung satire

Samsung satire

– Jim Miller

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