Lenovo Tab 5 Plus Tablets Leaks

I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend? I noticed that some as of yet unannounced Android tablets from Lenovo are in the pipeline for a 2018 launch, and judging by their model numbers, these Lenovo tablets appear to be Lenovo Tab 5 Plus tablets.

The first ones are Lenovo tablets with model numbers Lenovo TB-X705F/L, so these tablets appear to be successors to the 4G and Wi-Fi editions of the 10.1-inch Full HD tablet Lenovo Tab4 Plus 10.1, launched last year. So it could be called Lenovo Tab 5 Plus, with a Wi-Fi only version and another 4G LTE version.

The other new Lenovo tablet I’m unsure about, because it has a new model number series with this being Lenovo TB-605F/L. So unless Lenovo breaks with their model numbers logic, this shouldn’t be a new 8-inch version, but any other size instead. It could be smaller or it could be larger. Perhaps Lenovo too has a 10.5-inch tablet in the works? That would be great. But we’ll have to wait and see what size it is.

Lenovo Tab5 Plus

Lenovo Tab5 Plus / Lenovo Tab 5 Plus

Both of these Lenovo tablets had their Bluetooth 4.2 certification published this week, so we can probably expect a launch of these Android 8.0 tablets during the fall.

Among the predecessors, the Lenovo Tab4 Plus 10.1 is the Full HD version, while the Lenovo Tab 4 10 is the HD version.

– Jim Miller

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