Lenovo & Google Project Tango Announcement On January 7

Lenovo together with Google will hold a joint Project Tango announcement at CES on January 7, where they have said that they will demonstrate the vision they have for how to use tablets and mobile technology in the future.

The Project Tango tablet is well known already, but what kind of breakthrough this tablet may contribute to is the exciting issue.

The project started within Google’s former Motorola division in 2014. The tablet itself has a specs like Tegra K1 processor and 4GB of RAM, and can be bought as a development kit for $512, but the forward leap in tablet technology comes from the motion tracking camera and the integrated depth sensor in this tablet.

In Lenovo and Google’s joint invitation, is says that: “Mobile devices should see and navigate the world, the way we do.”

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– Tom Bowen

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