Intel Launches Education Tablets

Intel have decided they want to grab a share of the lucrative and expanding e-education market with the launch of a 7-inch and 10.1-inch line of tablets called Education Tablets.

The specs of these tablets are only average by today’s standards, and obviously contains an Intel Atom Z2420 processor each.

Specs (Click to zoom)

Specs (Click to zoom)

Intel isn’t the first computer company that has actively pursued the e-education market. Several other tablet manufacturers have either implemented e-learning and e-education software and hardware or have joined efforts with e-education companies such as Kno to provide attempts at a complete range of services that enables all higher learning material to be available digitally to their customers.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and 10.1 in particular have been popular among many university students for this reason, especially because these tablets have the built in S-Pen stylus with supplementing note-taking features and multitasking abilities in addition.

Unique among most tablets, Intel’s 10.1-inch tablet will feature a snap-on magnification lens, and a plug-in thermal probe. Intel’s tablets will be sold to institutions and are not likely to be in a store near you any time soon. Though you might be able to pick on up on eBay eventually.

– Tom Bowen

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